H2 C3H8 CH4
Introducing Fuel Cell Safety Systems’ newest tool for a safer, more productive R&D effort… “SafeLab” General Hydrocarbon Gas Detector Keep your personnel and premises safe and sound.

Fuel Cell Safety Systems introduces our new and convenient 110 volt plug-in “SafeLab” General Hydrocarbon Gas Detector designed to detect elevated levels of Hydrogen, Methane, Propane and other combustible gases being experimented with in laboratory environments. Designed and listed to UL Standard 1484, our “SafeLab” General Hydrocarbon Gas Detector will sound an audible alarm in the presence of elevated (10 - 20% LEL) levels of the targeted gases, giving personnel time to shut off gas valves, ventilate the area and initiate remedial action. For more information or to order please go to info@fuelcellss.com