Welcome to the Fuel Cell Safety Systems web page! We are in the business of providing hazardous gas detection systems (Hydrogen, Propane, Methane, Carbon Monoxide) to the various industries that are incubating in the burgeoning "Hydrogen Revolution". The primary applications of our gas alarms are Stationary Fuel Cells, Fuel Processors, Miniturbines, and Hydrogen Generation Equipment.

We incorporate a state-of-the-art metal oxide, semi-conductor sensor on our surface mount PCB. Combined with our software, this gas detection alarm system is the most flexible, accurate, heat and humidity tolerant technology on the market today. We can calibrate and alarm consistently in severe environments, with no long term drift of the sensor.

Check out SAFELAB, our newest tool for a safer, more productive R&D effort. Click below for details.

As our technology improves we find new applications on a regular basis. Can we help your business solve its hazardous gas safety challenges? Please take a tour and contact us if we can be of any service whatsoever.